Developing use of technology in a mathematics faculty

This academic year I have set myself the challenge of integrating free technologies into the classroom. Via wikispaces, wordpress, google docs and QR codes I want to try and change the approach to learning in my classroom, faculty and school.

I have created four wikispaces so far. The first is a professional site aimed at sharing ideas with other educators ( The second is for my students to access, containing links to resources and useful sites ( I have embedded a lesson evaluation form created in google docs to allow students to feedback easily on our lessons. The third wikispace was created for the faculty to use, where they could view discussions, add resources and share ideas. It has expanded to include faculty support assistants with a view to improve communication between teachers and support staff. The fourth wikispace was the most organic as while demonstrating my wikispace to a class they asked, “can we create on” and within a minute the class had one to use to share questions with each other and I have added specific resources relevant to the courses they are following.

It is early in this process and I aim to collect usage statistics and gather feedback over the course of the year in order to assess the impact of these strategies on the engagement and progress of the students. I look forward to sharing these findings with whoever is interested.


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