Using google forms for lesson feedback

This year, after signing up to twitter, I have gone on a technology frenzy. One of the ideas I picked up from twitter was that wikispaces can be created quickly and easily for free for educational use. I have now created four of them.

The first was a professional site for sharing ideas, this has not proved to be the most useful as I have found this site and twitter to be effective in sharing ideas. The second was a site for my students to view, which contains resources and links to useful mathematical sites such as wolfrum alpha, khan academy etc. These are sites twitter has made me more familiar with. This wikispace for students has proved very useful and students are beginning to use it regularly, especially as my schools VLE is cumbersome and unfit for purpose. This wikispace contains lesson files, homeworks and most excitingly a lesson evaluation form.

Google docs introduced a form with very little publicity, it could be the most resources for teachers and students in relation to reflective practice and AfL. My students have started to complete the embedded questionnaire created in google docs giving amazing feedback on all my lessons.

If you are trying to reflect on your teaching and the learning of the students in your care one tool you must take advantage of is google forms.

You can see my early efforts here,  feedback welcome of course.

Let me know how you get on via this website or find me on twitter @mr_brouse

Here are some collections to help you get some ideas to get started.


google forms

One thought on “Using google forms for lesson feedback

  1. My girlfriend teaches precalculus, and she uses the forms to get feedback, but with a slight twist. Any student who fills out a feeback survey will notice at the bottom it says “Write the words ‘mini cooper’ on the top of your next test for 5 points of extra credit!”

    And that word-cloud idea is very cool.

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