Adventures in the Flipped Classroom…part 1

A colleague and I are trying to flip our classrooms for delivering mathematics to some of our secondary classes. I have focussed on my year 10 and year 13 groups. My interpretation of the flipped classroom has been to create videos, containing examples of the skills they require for an up coming lessons using jing pro to capture my notes and commentary on the screen, uploading them to youtube and embedding them on my wikispace.
The year 13 class have taken to the idea easily, watching the videos for homework freeing our class time for more focussed work. It has improved the understanding of the students as in the traditional approach they focussed on a demonstration of one or two questions in the lesson followed by attempting more challenging work alone for homework, which proved probelmatic for the weaker students. By adding a flipped approach they have been more successful on some of the difficult aspects of A2 mathematics as they get more time working with a teacher for support, and their homework is improving!
My year 10 class, however have had a more varied response to the approach with some expressing a belief that I should be teaching because I am the teacher. Ironically after their first video watching homework I provided them with some questions and problems to solve and set up a tutorial table for any questions. For the first fifteen minutes of the lesson I had nothing to do as they all worked solidly without needing any input. This did allow me time to plan for the next few lessons update their markbook.
After a reflection at the end of the lesson we decided that more differentiated work is needed so the students can choose the level they attempt based on how successfully they understood the video material.
My colleague and I are pleased to have developed a method that can individualise the input students get, avoiding the problem of students sitting through explanations they do not need, time when they could be progressing independently. We are wary of overusing this approach as it is not a total solution for delivering knowledge and developing understanding. Used as a teaching technique I feel confident it can add to the tools of the trade and help students to develop independence modelling an approach to revision.
I would value any feedback on the content I am providing if you wish to comment on my videos my searching for mrbrouse on youtube.
If you are interested in flipping your classroom try or

Flipping Marvellous

Ben Rouse


3 thoughts on “Adventures in the Flipped Classroom…part 1

  1. I really like both these ideas. Going to start flipping our classroom using MyMaths tutorials as a pilot, looking to branch into producing Youtube clips of me modelling concepts ready for the chn to put into practice at school.

    Using video equipment and editing to get them to explain it is the natural extension.

    Docendo discimus – By teaching, we learn šŸ™‚

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