Making Videos for Learning in the Flipped Classroom

As part of the flipped classroom I have created a series of videos for my students to watch to help them understand key concepts and review tests and exams. The second use has been a revelation as I always struggled with exam/test feedback as it was never appropriate for all students for the whole lesson. So now I make video solutions for the entire test and give them their tests back in class with comments and advice to improve. Their homework is to go away and make full corrections. Replacing the “going through the test” section is a series of tasks designed to help plug the gaps identified by the test.

To create the videos I past the questions into Smartnotebook. Using an AIPTEK tablet and pen I can write solutions onto Smartnotebook and use Jing Pro to capture video of what is happening on screen while it also activates the microphone to allow my commentary to accompany the solutions.

Once complete there is an option to upload the video straight to youtube so their is no need to take up file space on your computer. Once uploaded code to embed the video is placed on your clipboard and I then paste this into my wikispace to embed the video there and then. A cheeky ifttt recipe which automatically tweets when I upload a new video to youtube gets the information out there and hey presto, piff paff puff classroom time has been saved and more reflection, review and feedback can take place.

Go my wikispace or my youtube channel (mrbrouse) to view the results.

If making the videos is not something you are ready to do then try using other people’s. You are welcome to use mine or otherwise try these youtube legends:






3 thoughts on “Making Videos for Learning in the Flipped Classroom

  1. I love the idea of making the exam solutions on video. It would save A LOT of both in class time and after school tutoring time going over mistakes with students if they could just watch it on video and then come in for follow-up questions. My students also always ask how to do the bonus problems at the end, so it would be nice to work those out as well. The only negative i can see is you would definitely have to make sure you never use the same test twice. I try to always change it, but once the videos are out there, you’d have no choice. Thanks for the post!

  2. Hi Ben

    Honestly Livescribe is the technology you need for this. I’m using it to post exam solutions on our school site for students to access at home. In a nutshell it records what you write, on paper, and audio. So as you write you can explain your thinking. The real beauty of it is that you can click anywhere on the text and it will jump to that bit of audio. I can email you an example if you want to see it in action although I’m sure you can get examples from the livescribe website.

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