Blogging: The new exercise book?

Have I discovered the answer to all my problems? A class blog…

I have been thinking about starting a class blog for some time but as with these things I have been busy and never got myself organised to start. This post should give me the prod I need to make this happen.

The Blog

Using wordpress I have created in order for my classes to record their progress in lessons. I am going to start with my year 8 group and using an extra laptop one student in a lesson will be given the task of writing the post. Recording the title of the lesson, the task, key words, ideas and make a record of how the lesson went.

There will be a rota so the students know when their turn is coming. I also hope to develop a crib sheet to help create a useful content to each blog post. However, I intend to let this guidance come out of the process from review and feedback in class.

The Learning

Each blog post can be allocated to a category from Number, Algebra, Geometry, Shape and Space, Data Handling and Probability. This gives all stake holders; students, parents and teacher the opportunity to easily search lessons for a number of purposes. Prior to assessments students can review past lessons. Parents can subscribe to the blog or RSS feed to stay up to date with the learning taking place in their child’s class. As a teacher I have the chance to review the progress by reading the blog posts.

More excitingly is the use of tags! “group work”, “fun”, “problem solving”, in addition to topic references could help make the blog become a real tool for learning.

The Challenges

I need investment from the students to write something they have thought about. Therefore I will need to invest time in reviewing and feeding back on their posts. A starter task?

I have to find a regularity of blog that can be maintained rather than a burst over a month that fades.

I hope to report back on the successes and challenges of this additional learning tool in my classroom.

Some things you may wish to discuss with might be:

One blog per class or one page per class on a  blog? Can it work equally well for all Key Stages?

All thoughts welcome

Ben Rouse

3 thoughts on “Blogging: The new exercise book?

  1. I will be interested to hear how you get on with this. I have thought about (and almost set up) class blogs several times, but haven’t quite worked out how to integrate it in a sustainable way.

    My thought is that a separate blog per class using WordPress’s multiple blogs feature would allow each class to have more ownership over their blog (theme?, widgets, visitor tracking, recent comments, etc).

    I hope it goes well.

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