The class blog is working!

Just a sort post to reflect on today’s class blog effort from my year 8 group.

The students have all completed a blog post so we are now into our second rotation. My aim had been to review the blog with them so the process would improve, which I have not got round to. However, today the bloggers were much more independent than before, able to add pictures without instruction from me. Infact another member of the class advised them when they had a couple of issues, so my time was spent entirely with the class working on maths.

They are discussing the post and choosing pictures that are relevant rather than just throwing them in.

My reflection on this is that if the students value a task and enjoy it they learn and improve. Hardly a new concept but a delight to witness first hand.

So if you are thinking about blogging, stick with it, it will pay off.

Happy blogging one and all

Ben Rouse

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