Different approach to blogging

This post leads on from some previous reflections on the blogs my year 8 class are creating.

Blogging: the new exercise book?

Blog update

The Blog is working

Primarily I have been using WordPress for my class blog and using my laptop logged in to my account for the students to blog on. Thanks to a blog from Kim Cofino I discovered a way to have individual logons for a class where each post has to be approved by me. I have been trialling this approach with my form group with varied success, some of the students have found a topic they feel confident blogging about.

I have decided to role out this approach with a year 9 maths class who will log in using their own account details on my laptop in lessons, blog about our lesson but unlike my other blog the students can choose to add to the blog themselves outside of the lesson. Furthermore all students can comment on the post at will.

The two classes are very different and I envisage more effort being required to embed the blog effectively for the year 9 class. Luckily, we have parent’s evening in a few weeks, which is a great opportunity to get the parents following the blog as well as promoting the benefits to parents face to face.

One of the reasons I want this class to blog is that in their recent assessments the class have struggled with written explanations, which is restricting their progress on some topics. Will the bog get then writing more in future tasks?

I will let you know how it goes. Please follow the blog and drop us any comments of the work if interesting.

If you are interested in blogging with your class I have added an infographic tweeted by @edudemic that gives an idea of how to get started. Please drop me a tweet @mr_brouse if you have any questions about the blogs or getting one set up for your classes.

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