Dollops of Feedback!

This post appeared in my reader as I was in the middle of preparing a google form for my year 8 class after their assessment. I have been playing around with feedback this year and my current approach is to create a google form so the students can RAG each question once I have marked their work. The google form has a script which emails them with links to video explanations for any topic they rank as red or amber. So why have both red and amber if they get the same video? This means I have feedback on which topics need closer attention so planning is done based on their feedback.
Having read this post I am now trying to think about a way of incorporating the checklist into the process….
Great stuff Colleen

Mathematics, Learning and Technology

The most powerful single modification that enhances achievement is feedback. The simplest prescription for improving education must be “dollops of feedback”.
Hattie, J.A. (1992). Measuring the effects of schooling. Australian Journal of Education (see page 9).

Exam Reflection 8

Marking the examination papers for my Year 8 students (UK age 12-13) has made me think about the feedback I want to give them. I want to help them understand any misconceptions they have and what steps they need to make to improve. 

Having marked the set of papers I can see common misconceptions so I thought this time I would provide my students with a list that they could traffic light as we review their examination. There is also room for their own comments. Once they have reflected on their performance and decided what they need to focus on I will give them some further questions. I believe we should also reflect…

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