Going Google at my school: Part 3 – Organising my drive

One of the on-going challenges having set up my school with Google Apps for Education (GAfE) has been finding a best practice approach for organising staff and student’s Google Drive.

Shared with me

Here is an instructional video with my advice to our teachers on the best way we have found to share effectively. However I would advise administrators and teachers considering leading on GAfE to look into additional software and add-ons that will organise the sharing for you.

Some options I have subsequently become aware of are:

  • Coursedirector (subscription per user that provides a hand-in and folder sharing interface)
  • Gclassfolders (script that sets up folders)
  • Hapara (fee per user with upgrades to parent usage)

On first inspection Hapara looks good and is something I have shown to the PE faculty, who use Gdrive the most, as a possible development for next year.

If you are considering GAfE I would get on Google plus as you will find a range of comunities sharing their ideas, tips and questions regularly.

Ben Rouse

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