Going Google at My School: Update

In my last Going Google post I mentioned that I was going to be presenting to staff. It was successful and just in case anyone is doing anything similar here is the presentation I used.

I embedded a number of videos but only showed the connected classrooms one. The idea of the videos is that after the presentation staff could access the slides and pick the videos for the part they wanted to develop for themselves. There was enough to get people excited before then grounding Google Apps for Education tools back into the day to day learning and teaching. I have challenged each member of staff to write down

1. Something they will do this week related to Technology for Learning. This can be from login to sign up to Google plus to make a video…

2 Something they will do this term like create a collaborative task in Google Drive to organise a virtual field trip

3. Something they will do ready for next year, looking at embedding technology for learning opportunities into schemes of work or planning for a flipped approach.

I am going to follow this up with a Google Form at the end of the week so I can get an idea of the type of things the staff are interested in. Hence I can cater my blog and video creation to their training needs.

The idea that has caught on most is developing virtual field trips and international links. In fact is any psychology teachers/students/lecturers out there want to connect with a UK school please let me know as our psychology faculty are looking to spread their wings.

The Art faculty are very excited by the Google Cultural Institute. Biggest success is gaining support for my student-portfolios idea, which is my action plan following on from the Google Teacher Academy I attended in December 2013. As a secondary school teacher I fear we do not make the most out of the exciting things students have done at primary and I want to find a way to capture and share their previous successes so we can stretch and challenge them. Hence, I want each new student joining our school to start a Google Site, which will be their e-portfolio throughout secondary school. The presentation by Rab Paterson is worth watching as he puts the argument forward much better than I can. I was fortunate to have seen the sites his students have created and it shows what mature and interesting ideas our students can develop given the opportunity.

Our member of staff who works closely with the primary schools on transition is interested at could be a great catalyst for it being adopted.

This meeting has given me a welcome boost for the start of the term and I am excited about the ideas our staff will have.

I hope to publish part 5 of Going Google at my School in the near future as I have a couple of schools visiting this month to look at GAfE and we have a months trial of 30 chromebooks arriving on Friday…

Ben Rouse



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