Going Google at my school: Part 5 – Presenting to Governors

Overlooking the fact that I referred to 15123 and “one hundred and fifty one hundred and twenty three” (I teach mathematics) and forgot that the governors didn’t need a link on the main site as they have all they need shared in Google drive (this doesn’t seem a particular error until you recall I was there presenting on technology for learning)… the presentation I gave to the governing body on the progress of technology for learning at our school was a success.

In order to make an attempt to stick to my allotted 15 minutes I spent the evening prior to the governors meeting creating a screen-captured video of the items I wanted to demonstrate. I chose this over presentation slides or a live demo as the first is restrictive and boring and the second is fraught with danger of slow connection or getting lost in tabs on a browser.

The video gave a tour of the following aspects of the school’s development of technology for learning since June 2013:

  • WordPress splash site for students and staff to login provided by realsmart
  • Sites created by faculties linked off the splash site
  • Sites that allow “login with Google” students can use (codeacademy, desmos, padlet, etc)
  • Google Drive
  • Why involving the students is essential and how the digital leaders had begun to impact upon the use of technology for learning.
  • Usage statistics via the Google admin site
  • Feedback from the Chromebook trial

In summary I presented that the tools for learning are in place and the take up is gathering pace but it will take time for it to embed in our practice. The devices were generally welcomed and seen as a benefit to learning by staff and students who used them, however our infrastructure lacks the ability to support a number of devices in one place.

I hope that some progress can be made on the infrastructure at the school in order to see the potential of the Google Apps for Education (GAfE) tools that teachers and students are discovering day by day as something they can use to enhance learning in our school.

Thank you to C-learning for the chromebook trial, realsmart for their training and MIS to Google link, staff who have given the tools a go and the students who are engaging with the learning opportunities through GAfE.

Keep evolving educational technology for learning.

Ben Rouse

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