#ocTEL 0.1 Big and Little Questions

I have enrolled in an open course with Association for Learning Technology (ALT) for discussing and developing ideas around technology enhanced learning#ocTEL.

I am leading on the deployment of Google Apps for Education at my school (I have blogged about this on this blog) and despite some great progress in some areas I feel I have not sufficiently communicated that technology can underpin outstanding pedagogy to our staff. There still appears to be a view of technology as an additional and separate teaching tool rather than something that is a part of teaching and learning similar to a set of red, amber and green cards or a mini-whiteboard and dry wipe pen.

Therefore, I enrolled on the course to try and discuss technology enhanced learning with other people in order to better convey to my colleagues the benefits of using technology for learning. I also wanted to take this course as it is something I may suggest to other colleagues and it seems right to have taken it myself.

Our first activity is to reflect on our own practice and ambitions for developing our teaching

My Big and Little Questions are…

Why is technology not considered an essential part of every teacher’s practice?
How can technology enhanced learning be embedded in the professional development of teachers?
How do I reliably assess the impact of technology for learning?
Are too many teachers scared of social media?

You decide which are big and little.

I hope to share more soon

Ben Rouse

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