Unleashing Student Potential with #GAfE

This weekend I am fortunate to have been invited to run a session at the Apps Event in Frankfurt, Germany. This post is meant to accompany the session and give everyone access to the resources and some additional links related to Google Apps for Education and the potential it has to get the most out of our students if used effectively by good educators.

Resources from the Session

My presentation can be viewed here and comments are welcome.

The collaborative document, which the audience add to during the session, can be viewed here. After the event anyone can add comments to the document.

For other Google tools check out my school training blog

Other Presentations

Here is a presentation I gave at BETT 2014 (edtech conference in London) which forms part of the session in Frankfurt.

Here is a teachmeet presentation I gave about flipping my classroom, having started making instructional videos.

I hope every gets something to take away from the session.




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