21sr Century Teacher Toolkit at #TL21c

This post accompanies my session at OSpedagogy’s event “Transforming Learning in the 21st Century” in Birmingham.

A few nanoseconds for you…

Here is my presentation – goo.gl/GM2Zva

I am sharing some tools I use in my classroom to enhance learning with the free technology accessible to teachers. From a simple timer in Google Chrome to a Google form that can send personalised feedback to students immediately after they submit their answers via some AfL on your personal device.

My use of technology for learning stems from the idea that if it is possible for our students to speak to the space station surely we should make it happen. If we can do anything to enhance the experience for our students… we should try and do it.

The session shares some of the inspirations for the use of technology to support learning and how the technology freely available changes the skills we need to develop in our learners.

After giving delegates a chance to test their 21st century learning skills we move on to try out some tools for learning

1. Timer

2. QR codes

3. AfL apps to make use of student devices

4. Automating feedback from a Google Form

5. Videos for learning

If you would like to find out more about any of these tools or their use in the classroom do not hesitate to contact me.

Technology is nothing without good teachers. A good teacher with technology can be exceptional for the students they work with.

Hope the session proves interesting and useful for those who attend.


Ben Rouse



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