Google Educator Groups

Google launched Google Educator Groups (GEG), which are for educators in geographical areas to connect about using Google tools in and out of the classroom for learning.


If you are a Google using teacher in UK:

  1. Join our community
  2. Bring a colleague

Some groups are growing fast and some have hosted events already. In the UK we have around 150 members in a Google+ community and a twitter account @GEG_UK followed by fewer people.

Getting the group off the ground has lead me to think about a few things:

  • How many teachers have access to Google Apps for Education in the UK at this point in time?
  • Are they interested in connecting with other teaching using the tools?
  • Are schools considering Google Apps for Education as a VLE alternative?
  • Are there teachers using their own personal Google account for their classes failing to get interest from school leaders for Google Apps for Education?
  • How can we get every teacher using Google Apps for EDucation to connect to the GEG UK?


I have been involved in setting up the GEG UK and we have been discussing what the role of the group could be and how to grow it. So far much of the conversation has been via Google+ and we have broadcast several Hangouts on Air to discuss ideas about the group. Discussion seems to return to some key ideas about engaging the wider teaching community in the tools we find work well in our classrooms and across our schools.

Thanks to Mark Allen for creating this poster


How can we speak to school leaders about Google Apps for Education and do they want to hear it? Do they appreciate what GAfE could do for their organisation and do they see technology as part of effective teaching and learning? It would be facinating to hear from school leaders not currently using GAfE and hear their view on technology for education. This desire has lead us to look at being present at conferences school leaders attend. If you host school leaders and would like to facilitate this discussion please let us know.

Can we get every teacher in the UK at a Google Apps for Education School to join our community and attend at least one event.

Sharing Best Practice

I feel that above all the GEG’s can be a place to find and share quality learning and teaching with others utilising Google tools. This can help others see the pedagogical value of technology in education.

If you read this please bring a colleague to the Google+ GEG UK community and grow the network.


Ben Rouse

4 thoughts on “Google Educator Groups

  1. Lots of valid questions and ideas. I’d got going with it via Mark Allen in my previous school and starting it again in Sept at my new one.
    Interested to hear from others about how they’re using it. Also interested in getting together with other school leaders re spreading the word about the possibilities of GAfE.

      1. Thank you very much for the info you provided to me.
        I was not aware of the fact that a Google summit would be organized in Italy next Autumn.
        Please, keep me informed …

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