Google Educator Group UK 2014-15

What will this academic year hold for teachers using Google tools and how can the Google Educator Group help?

GEG UK Banner 2560 x 1440

Google Educator Groups have sprung up around the world since they were launched and I have been involved with the UK one. We have had some hangouts and there is a Google plus community of around 350, however some other groups such as GEG Melbourne and many across the US have had events and meetups. The GEGs in countries like India and Philippines have huge numbers and they appear to be thriving.

Some regional GEG groups have started in the UK.

GEG UK London

GEG UK North East

GEG UK South East

The UK has pockets of educators using Google Apps for Education (GAfE) very effectively but the number of schools with GAfE accounts suggests there are possibly thousands of teachers with access to use the tools.

  • Do those teachers know how to use the tools and what they can do?
  • Do they want to more about how they can be used?
  • Would they attend training on a weekend?
  • Would they be interested in meeting teachers who are using the tools for learning?
  • Can the current members of GEG UK provide any guidance for school leaders in schools with GAfE?
  • Do any UK schools give a budget to their teachers to choose their PD for the year?

If you read this I would imagine you are not the target for the GEG UK but the people you work with are. Can you ask them if they are interested in learning more about the potential for Google Apps for Education and if so what support, resources and events can GEG UK provide.



Ben Rouse

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