Does UK have “edtech integrators”?

I started writing a post some time ago:

“I don’t think we do and if not why not?

What is a edtech integrator?

Chris Betcher wrote an interesting post about his role as a tech integrator. This is a term I have heard from US based educators using tech and Chris is based in Australia. I have no knowledge of such a role in the UK beyond enthusiastic teachers like myself developing a role for ourselves to support the use of technology for learning within our own schools.

A true tech integrator seems to straddle a number of schools in alliances, districts or chains and oversee the training, implementation and support of technology to support and enhance learning.

Why does US have edtech integrators?

With a system like our Local Authorities still in place the US districts have a clear need for tech integrators as they will implement district wide implementations of Google Apps, Office365, ipads or chormebooks and they need people in place to make sure the investment has impact and there is consistent use of the new tools.

Where is edtech on the UK schools agenda?”

Since beginning that draft… er I think I have become one?

From September I will be working as a mathematics teacher for three days a week and supporting technology for learning across my school’s academy chain for two. The role is aimed at working with the school leaders in the academy chain to get the most out of their existing technology to support learning and develop longer term strategies to enhance their provision to support learning and teaching with technology in effective and efficient ways.

I initially met with heads of the schools and the response has been fairly positive in that they seem to be very open to the idea of someone supporting the school’s strategy in an area they do not always feel is one they possess excessive expertise in.

So, I am hoping that I will be able to share the role of an “edtech integrator” in UK with you.

Exciting times ahead

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