Quick Decisions | Lightning Decision Jam (2 of 6)

Welcome back to this online lightening decision jam. To pick this up from the start click here to read the first instalment.

Thanks for adding some problems facing education, or maybe you are just picking this up now and have read other people’s contributions. Now we have problems, let’s identify the one we want to take forward and solve. For this lightening decision jam process we want a tricky problem, not one that could be solved easily. So find the problems that looks a bit prickly but worth solving and add your votes!

Problem Voting

You have 3 votes (red dots) to allocate as you wish. You might add 3 red dot votes to your own problem or spread them around. Your choice! Open up this document to re-read the problems and move the red voting dots on to the problem(s) you think are most worth taking on.

Running a lightning decision jam for yourself?

Have some music playing during the problem writing to avoid discussion. Discussion and debate slows the process and dilutes the effect of this process. This voting process helps get decisions made quickly and efficiently. A bias to action means you can use this model to make decisions quickly, avoiding the paralysis of discussion when action is required.

Why not try this at your next faculty, SLT or team meeting?

Next Time…

In the next post we will convert the most voted problem into a challenge statement, starting “How might we…” made popular by Proctor and Gamble. Turn your problem into a challenge makes it feel more solvable.

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