Solutions please |Lightning Decision Jam (3 of 6)

We are in the middle of an online lightening decision jam. So far we have identified problems and voted on the ones we think are worth taking on, the juicy ones, if you like.

The most voted problem (Changing mindset “We have always done it that way) has now been converted into a “How might we…” challenge statement ready for you to contribute ideas, solutions we can source and vote on.

How might we change mindset for staff in school to embrace change in order to transform opportunities for learners?

Idea generation

Add an idea that addresses our challenge statement to this document.

  • Make it specific
  • Make it a bit crazy
  • Moonshots welcomed
  • Make it 10x (10 times better than the current situation)

Double click on one of the un-edited post-its (unedited means it shouldn’t have an idea on it already) and add your ideas.

Next Time…

We will vote on the ideas we are excited about testing out.

Check back in to vote once the idea Post-its have been completed. Sign up to the blog to receive updates as I will share the next post once the ideas have been completed. (Are you spotting a format here! You should, as the lightning jam provides a repeatable iterative individual note taking, vote, decide process.

You can also follow me on twitter to keep up with the lightning decision jam.


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