Ideas to take forward |Lightning Decision Jam (4 of 6)

Thanks for your ideas! Now it is time to select a few to take forward.

In many situations you will find individuals trying to convince the team their idea should be taken forward. This often leads to the most silver-tongued, influential, stubborn or most sensitive people having their ideas selected. To avoid this in design thinking we move the process forward with a vote. You may remember the vote we had on problems to take forward from part 2 of this lightning decision jam series.

If you are picking this up now please take a moment to return to the previous parts of this series:

  1. Problem Finding
  2. Voting – Problem Selection
  3. Ideation

Place your vote, using the yellow dots on the ideas you find most intriguing and feel we need to test out in order of ind out more. If you think any idea is a sure thing, just do it (sorry Nike)!

  • Everyone has 3 votes each
  • You can vote on your own idea
  • You can put all 3 votes on one idea
  • Pick ideas that seem challenging but have potential to really change the situation for the better

Next time…

We are going to take the most voted ideas and take them forward to the prototype and testing stage. This allows us to try out the ideas in a simple and low cost way. Read more about prototyping here.

  • If they have problems, we can find them early before we get too far.
  • If there are assumptions in our solutions it will out them.
  • Promising parts of the idea will be highlighted
  • People feel more open to giving honest feedback if your test prototype clearly hasn’t had much time spent on it.

Thank you for your votes check back in next time to find out which ones we want to prototype and test.




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