It’s not rocket science! Learn about Space from the experts

Last year two primary school classes in our multi-academy trust submitted questions to astronomical experts related to the Juno mission to Jupiter, which has sent back new and exciting information about the giant planet and its moons. The excitement for our children was that their questions were answered live on a Google hangout on air […]

How to Guides for Google Apps

I have been working on a few posters for my school and some other schools that are “Going Google” in order to support learning with technology. I have added them to my How to page on this blog and would really appreciate feedback on them. Would you put this on your classroom or office wall? […]

Going Google – Google Classroom Review

I started to write this post a few weeks ago… You can’t share a class between two teachers There is no gradebook created for each class Formative assessment is a bit of a work around We can’t use our class groups to add a whole class to a classroom It doesn’t link assignments to calendar […]

Google Classroom – an overview

Google have taken on board feedback from teachers about using Google Apps and have created a tool to tidy up sharing with your classes and administering assignments and marking online. Here are a selection of posts, videos and links that provide you with everything you need to know to use Classroom effectively in your schools. […]

Unleashing Student Potential with #GAfE

This weekend I am fortunate to have been invited to run a session at the Apps Event in Frankfurt, Germany. This post is meant to accompany the session and give everyone access to the resources and some additional links related to Google Apps for Education and the potential it has to get the most out […]

Blogging: The new exercise book?

Have I discovered the answer to all my problems? A class blog… I have been thinking about starting a class blog for some time but as with these things I have been busy and never got myself organised to start. This post should give me the prod I need to make this happen. The Blog […]

Google Teacher Academy 2012

Google have offered another chance for educators to become a Google certified teacher. The application involves creating a one minute video on one of two themes provided by Google. The themes are “Classroom Innovation” and “Motivation”. I chose to focus on the former and created a video looking at the new innovation spreading through education, […]