Bridging the Gap in Mathematics post 16.

The Problem Every year we face the same challenge with a number of the students who have completed their compulsory mathematics and choose to study it past the age of 16, many are not ready or able to deal with the jump in effort needed to achieve a grade. Students who have achieved the minimum […]

Reflections on my class blog

This is an update on my progress since a previous post Blogging: the new exercise book? Aware that the notes in some of the student’s books were not useful to them I wanted to try out another way of recording our lessons for absence, revision, review and reflection. I have emboldened the text so my […]

Making Videos for Learning in the Flipped Classroom

As part of the flipped classroom I have created a series of videos for my students to watch to help them understand key concepts and review tests and exams. The second use has been a revelation as I always struggled with exam/test feedback as it was never appropriate for all students for the whole lesson. […]

Developing use of technology in a mathematics faculty

This academic year I have set myself the challenge of integrating free technologies into the classroom. Via wikispaces, wordpress, google docs and QR codes I want to try and change the approach to learning in my classroom, faculty and school. I have created four wikispaces so far. The first is a professional site aimed at […]