Bias to Action |Lightening Decision Jam (1 of 6)

…make more effective decisions in a fraction of the time.


Design Thinking in Schools: I need your problems

If you could solve one problem facing education what would it be? Take whatever comes to mind first or take a moment to ponder, then subject your problem to “the 5 Whys”. Here is an example. Problem: There is not enough time for teachers to do their job properly Why do teachers not get their […]

What impact does the pencil have on learning?

Should we expect, as educators, that the technology used in schools has robust reliable research that demonstrates the impact it has on learning before we implement it? This post is a response to an article that featured in EdSurge on 17 July 2017. You can read the full article here. The article refers to findings […]

Design Thinking in Schools: Shadow a Student

Empathy and understanding the ‘what is’ forms the essential starting point of innovation and underpins design thinking. So what better way to get started in schools than to shadow a student. Check out the¬†shadow a student website, which is aiming to get school leaders living a day in the life of a student. Sign up […]

Comminucake – Immersion

Our design thinking project, focussed¬†on how we communicate across our 16 school Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) has begun… with a scheduled meeting! “Meetings of peers sitting around a table rarely lead to collaborative actions towards solving a problem.” Ewan McIntosh – How to come up with great ideas, 2014. Indeed, not everyone could make it despite […]

Going Google: Year 2 of #GAfE

In my review of our first year I identified the following areas for development: Focus on Google Drive and collaboration more exclusively Discourage staff from starting with Google Sites Demand more time to train staff and publish a schedule Create a core team of staff to support me and the digital leaders Move perception away […]

Going Google at my school: Year 1 Review

Since choosing the leave behind any Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) and facilitate learning via Google Apps for Education I have been writing about some of the challenges and initiatives to embed technology in the learning of our students. Here are the posts Going Google at my school posts September 2013 – July 2014 Part 1 […]

Going Google at my school: Part 5 – Presenting to Governors

Overlooking the fact that I referred to 15123 and “one hundred and fifty one hundred and twenty three” (I teach mathematics) and forgot that the governors didn’t need a link on the main site as they have all they need shared in Google drive (this doesn’t seem a particular error until you recall I was […]