Reflections on Leaving the Classroom

Today I can no longer introduce myself as “Maths Teacher” as I leave the classroom. Though I might still use my former job title for introductions at parties to make things simple. I move from the classroom to take up a training and consultancy role supporting schools looking to implement change and embed technology for […]

Comminucake – Immersion

Our design thinking project, focussed on how we communicate across our 16 school Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) has begun… with a scheduled meeting! “Meetings of peers sitting around a table rarely lead to collaborative actions towards solving a problem.” Ewan McIntosh – How to come up with great ideas, 2014. Indeed, not everyone could make it despite […]

Making a Dent – The Project Team

After an inspirational two days in Toulouse and a desire to implement lasting change in my organisation, I have been given the support and permission to start a design thinking process for how we communicate across our Multi-Academy Trust (MAT). As our MAT grows towards 20 schools we will need to be able to communicate […]

How might we… Evolve #Edtech

Without talking about tech? After my enthusiastic and bold message to my boss during Ewan McIntosh’s keynote (thanks to lisibo for the reflections and great sketchnotes!) at Practical Pedagogies in Toulouse I have been preparing to meet with him to start making that dent. My role is to embed technology in learning across the academy chain, however […]