Going Google at My School: Update

In my last Going Google post I mentioned that I was going to be presenting to staff. It was successful and just in case anyone is doing anything similar here is the presentation I used. I embedded a number of videos but only showed the connected classrooms one. The idea of the videos is that […]

Becoming a Google Certified Teacher

Google’s Teacher Academy comes to London on 4 and 5 December 2013. For those of us who submitted an application video and form it was a nervous Friday waiting for an email, letting us know whether we would be joining the professional development event of the year for teachers interested in innovating and stretching learners […]

Google Teacher Academy Application in!

Here is my one minute video to accompany my Google Teacher Academy application. The opportunity to become a Google Certified Teacher tours around the world offering successful applicants the chance to attend a two days professional development mixing with other educators who are doing innovative things with Google tools for learning. In December it visits […]