Going Google at my school: Year 1 Review

Since choosing the leave behind any Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) and facilitate learning via Google Apps for Education I have been writing about some of the challenges and initiatives to embed technology in the learning of our students. Here are the posts Going Google at my school posts September 2013 – July 2014 Part 1 […]

Going Google at my school: Part 1- Promotion

Leading on Technology for Learning I am leading my school’s transition to using Google Apps for Education (GAfE). ┬áThis series of blog posts is intended to share my school’s journey so other institutions can learn from us if you are considering leading change in the way you develop technology for learning. My Background I spent […]

Google Teacher Academy 2012

Google have offered another chance for educators to become a Google certified teacher. The application involves creating a one minute video on one of two themes provided by Google. The themes are “Classroom Innovation” and “Motivation”. I chose to focus on the former and created a video looking at the new innovation spreading through education, […]