Evolving edtech indeed…

I was clicking around one of my class blogs and found a link to a website I used to use. I found it interesting to see the difference between my old wikispace, where I shared resources and the new site I am developing to house resources for maths students.


Wikispace site created after I started making instructional videos and uploading them to youtube.


Google Site that I am developing to host the large range of instructional videos from my youtube channel. Mr Hegarty has a better site…

I am finding that change is the only constant so I am beginning to question the time and effort I put into these sites as I know I will change my mind on the best way to share resources and start a new project soon. In fact I sketched the design of a new site the other day…




First Lesson back Ideas

With the new academic year arriving it is time to start thinking about the first lesson with those new classes. I wanted to share my first lesson with my mathematics classes but realised it will not be for everyone as we all have our own style and context. So here are a few options.

Some things to get out of the first lesson (don’t feel you have to hit all of them)

  • Learn their names – if you trust them to write their real name go for name plates, otherwise have class photo list
  • Share expectations – some teachers create a class rules list with the students
  • Gather an idea of their ability – see below
  • Set up systems – but make sure you stick to it from now on
  • Explain the course (I personally never do this in the first lesson, relationships first)




This is the Answer, what could the question have been?


  • Mini-whiteboards and pens
  • Enthusiasm and Praise

As a mathematics teacher I want to use my first lesson to get to know the level and confidence of my class. So I use a simple idea, I put a number up on the board and challenge the students to create a question. The mini-whiteboards are best for this as it encourages them to try things out as they can always erase it and start again.

NOTE: nice opportunity to develop your expectations for use of mini-whiteboards if you intend to use them regularly. It is also a chance to show the class what happens if expectations are not met, something you will want to show first lesson.

  • Do you wait until they all have an answer or not?
  • No wobbling
  • Walk around during the display time to make sure they don’t write anything on the back.
  • Encourage them to look at each others and think about what they have written

For the first round they always do the same, lets say 36 was the answer (nice number to begin with!), you will see…

35+1, 37-1, 1+1+1+1+1+1+30 and so on

This is what I hope for as I can really ham up the “Is that your best mathematics on the board?” and start to challenge them to show me the highest level mathematics they know on the next one. So without fail the highest level mathematics they know is

1+10-7*2-4*9 (misconception alert!!!) and 36000000000000000 divided by 1000000000000000 and so on.

So we discuss whether more of the same calculations is higher level and by the end of the lesson and several rounds they are showing me their ability and I can go away and plan three or four lessons which they need based on the things they showed me.

NOTE: I have been teaching for ten years and the last six years at the same school so this does mean I do not have to work at the behaviour management as much as I used to so this might not be the lesson for a newly qualified teacher who wants to get their behaviour management off to the best start.

Contributions from other teachers




The class blog is working!

Just a sort post to reflect on today’s class blog effort from my year 8 group.

The students have all completed a blog post so we are now into our second rotation. My aim had been to review the blog with them so the process would improve, which I have not got round to. However, today the bloggers were much more independent than before, able to add pictures without instruction from me. Infact another member of the class advised them when they had a couple of issues, so my time was spent entirely with the class working on maths.

They are discussing the post and choosing pictures that are relevant rather than just throwing them in.

My reflection on this is that if the students value a task and enjoy it they learn and improve. Hardly a new concept but a delight to witness first hand.

So if you are thinking about blogging, stick with it, it will pay off.

Happy blogging one and all

Ben Rouse