Reflections on Leaving the Classroom

Today I can no longer introduce myself as “Maths Teacher” as I leave the classroom. Though I might still use my former job title for introductions at parties to make things simple. I move from the classroom to take up a training and consultancy role supporting schools looking to implement change and embed technology for […]

Google Educator Groups

Google launched Google Educator Groups (GEG), which are for educators in geographical areas to connect about using Google tools in and out of the classroom for learning. Connecting If you are a Google using teacher in UK: Join our community Bring a colleague Some groups are growing fast and some have hosted events already. In […]

Unleashing Student Potential with #GAfE

This weekend I am fortunate to have been invited to run a session at the Apps Event in Frankfurt, Germany. This post is meant to accompany the session and give everyone access to the resources and some additional links related to Google Apps for Education and the potential it has to get the most out […]

#ocTEL 0.1 Big and Little Questions

I have enrolled in an open course with Association for Learning Technology (ALT) for discussing and developing ideas around technology enhanced learning#ocTEL. I am leading on the deployment of Google Apps for Education at my school (I have blogged about this on this blog) and despite some great progress in some areas I feel I […]

Going Google at my school: Part 5 – Presenting to Governors

Overlooking the fact that I referred to 15123 and “one hundred and fifty one hundred and twenty three” (I teach mathematics) and forgot that the governors didn’t need a link on the main site as they have all they need shared in Google drive (this doesn’t seem a particular error until you recall I was […]

Going Google at my School: Part 4 – Sharing the Vision

Having negotiated the first term of the adoption of Google Apps for Education¬†(GAfE) I have presented to Leadership on the progress and been working with the technical support team on how they can support the change. I have tried to give advice based on my experiences so far for anyone looking to lead on the […]

Going Google at my school: Part 1- Promotion

Leading on Technology for Learning I am leading my school’s transition to using Google Apps for Education (GAfE). ¬†This series of blog posts is intended to share my school’s journey so other institutions can learn from us if you are considering leading change in the way you develop technology for learning. My Background I spent […]