Becoming a Google Certified Teacher

Google’s Teacher Academy comes to London on 4 and 5 December 2013. For those of us who submitted an application video and form it was a nervous Friday waiting for an email, letting us know whether we would be joining the professional development event of the year for teachers interested in innovating and stretching learners with technology in the classroom.

Application video playlist

My application video

This is my second application, which I felt more confident about… until I saw some of the other application videos. My role at my secondary boys school is to lead on technology for learning. The main focus of this has been rolling out a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) account for the school, which gives all out staff and students a Google account, managed by the school. (If you are considering GAFE then please drop me a line via this blog or my twitter account @mr_brouse) I got the role on the back of making videos, getting feedback on forms, AfL via socrative and sharing resources on wikispaces. 

A chance to join Google for a couple of days alongside other educators using Google tools to enhance learning on their classrooms would be a huge boost for my ability to successfully integrate GAFE into my school. I hope that an on-going relationship will allow me to have dialogue with Google and other Certified teachers as my school continues to embed GAFE. 

On Friday afternoon as I was about to leave work I checked my Gmail:

Hi Ben Rouse, 


You have been selected to participate in the Google Teacher Academy – London.

So what lies ahead for me?

Look out for my blog after the Google Teacher Academy London.

Ben Rouse



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