Pedagogy with #GAfE – Marking and Feedback in Google Docs

Hear about how a language teacher is using Google Docs to manage the drafting and feedback of student work and how it is saving time and improving outcomes for the students.
“As with all good edtech, the tool just refines the great pedagogy.”


Going Google at my School: Y2 – Autumn 2014 Review

“I am still in the Google mis’Ap(p)s stage of conscious incompetency… I’m afraid to say I’m tempted to assume a partial Canutian stance, such that despite realising that the tide has turned (irrevocably) I find myself, nonetheless, wondering whether death by drowning might be preferable.”

Going Google: Year 2 of #GAfE

In my review of our first year I identified the following areas for development: Focus on Google Drive and collaboration more exclusively Discourage staff from starting with Google Sites Demand more time to train staff and publish a schedule Create a core team of staff to support me and the digital leaders Move perception away […]

Google Classroom – an overview

Google have taken on board feedback from teachers about using Google Apps and have created a tool to tidy up sharing with your classes and administering assignments and marking online. Here are a selection of posts, videos and links that provide you with everything you need to know to use Classroom effectively in your schools. […]

Funding #edtech in State Schools (How do I…)

What are we missing by having GAfE but restricted access to devices? Having taken my school “Google” in September 2013 I feel my focus will need to start moving to our access to devices. Currently we have six computer rooms which are used 90% of the time for timetabled computing/ICT lessons. Teachers scrabble to book […]

Going Google at my school: Year 1 Review

Since choosing the leave behind any Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) and facilitate learning via Google Apps for Education I have been writing about some of the challenges and initiatives to embed technology in the learning of our students. Here are the posts Going Google at my school posts September 2013 – July 2014 Part 1 […]

Going Google at my School: Part 7 – Student Portfolios

Like all good events, had I completed a self assessment survey before and after the Google Teacher Academy (GTAUK13) I attended in December 2013 I would have given myself a 8/10 on the way in and 3/10 on the way out such was the astonishing creative use of technology to enhance learning amongst my cohort. […]

Unleashing Student Potential with #GAfE

This weekend I am fortunate to have been invited to run a session at the Apps Event in Frankfurt, Germany. This post is meant to accompany the session and give everyone access to the resources and some additional links related to Google Apps for Education and the potential it has to get the most out […]

Going Google at my School: Part 6 – New Digital Leaders

It comes as nothing new to educators when I say that students have amazing potential. Tapping it and providing opportunities for them to show it is the challenge we face, maybe more so with the exam structure that pervades the world we work in. I feel passionately that the technology we now have free access […]

Going Google at my school: Part 5 – Presenting to Governors

Overlooking the fact that I referred to 15123 and “one hundred and fifty one hundred and twenty three” (I teach mathematics) and forgot that the governors didn’t need a link on the main site as they have all they need shared in Google drive (this doesn’t seem a particular error until you recall I was […]